The History of PO BOYS TIRES

The first PO-BOYS TIRES was opened in 1985 by Clara Moore in Birmingham, Alabama. This tire shop became a success in no time. After that, John L. Ash opened another store in Charleston, West Virginia, in 1988.

This tire shop also became a great success for the family. In 1991, he opened another PO-BOYS TIRES in Beckley, West Virginia, followed by the fourth store by Kathy Drexel in Oak Grove, Kentucky.


Honesty & Integrity

With help from aunts and uncles, the family business had grown to be a huge success. With help from her family, Kathy Drexel has learned that the key to success is honesty. PO-BOYS TIRES' family and employees are proud to keep the reputation of being a fair and honest company to do business with.

We deal with new and used wheels and tires. We have a knowledgeable staff.